The goal of this 4-H Club is to provide a friendly environment for the members to learn and improve their table tennis skills.

Table Tennis in the US has generally been viewed as an informal recreational activity. This is starting to change. In other countries for example, China, table tennis is seen as an important national and international sport. It also was recognized as such when it was added to the Olympic Games in 1988.

If you think table tennis is not a sport click on this link to view a youtube video

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How do the people get to be such good players? They start young and 
practice drills like this.

Finally, here is some advice from Cindy Wang age 13 who earned a silver medal at the US championships. 



Some Members of the Newport Table Tennis Club 

Why did they join the table tennis club and keep coming regularly?

Because table tennis is fun and the better you get the more fun it is.

For a history of the club click here.

The Newport Table Tennis Club and the Lincoln Country Extension Service are joining together to start a Lincoln County 4-H Table Tennis Club. We are hoping to find a few young people between the ages of 13-17 who would like to learn to play Table Tennis. Just like other sports to become good requires a lot of practice and coaching. 

Our club is fortunate to have several members who have experience working with young people and sports. One member was an elementary school teacher and another who was a junior high school physical education teacher and coach.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

It doesn't seem like table tennis is all that complicated. What are the skills and information that a good player needs to learn?

Click on the following link for a list of skills and information that good table tennis players learn.  Progress Sheet2.pdf

How did the Newport Table Tennis Club start?

In about 2006 a few men and women started the club as a way to find other people who wanted to improve their table tennis game.

When does the club meet?

Recently the club has been meeting at 5:30 in the afternoon on Tuesdays and Saturdays.  To better fit the schedules of younger members and their families we may need to consider alternate meeting times.

Where will the club meet?

The expectation is that when youth members join the club we will be given permission to meet in the Exhibition Hall of the County Fairground.  (Currently the adult members are meeting in the Harney Building on the fairgrounds but we need a larger space.)

Do I need to buy a table tennis paddle?

No, the club has a variety of paddles that you can use. Buying a good paddle is complicated and they can be expensive. It is better to wait until you are more experienced so that you will be able to decide what kind a paddle is best for you. 

How can I join the club?

Contact: Todd Williver - 4-H Program Coordinator  

Cell 541.815.1515

541-574-6534 Main Reception Todd ext 57422  
Oregon State University - Lincoln County Extension Service
1211 SE Bay Blvd Newport Oregon 97365